102 Reasons to Celebrate This Mother’s Day


Part of the process when someone dies is you have to go through their personal belongings. You come across things you fondly remember, things you didn’t want to see, and you come across your fair share of things you didn’t know existed or you just plug forgot existed.

Such was the case when I stumbled upon a Ziploc baggie filled with tiny squares of construction paper. I assumed it belonged to my youngest nephew, but once I saw the handwriting, I knew who created it: me.

Each piece was numbered on one side and on the other side I had written a reason why I loved my mom. I couldn’t tell you if I made it for a birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, her anniversary, or just because. I can’t even pinpoint when I wrote it, but based on some of the specific events referenced, my best guess is freshman year of high school.

So, rather than mope this Mother’s Day, I decided to celebrate too with the 102 (“Why 102?” Grown Me asks Young Me) reasons why I loved Dolores when I was 13, even though I could give you 2,001 more.

1. Because you are you!!
2. Because you love me.
3. Because you tolerate me.
4. Because you tuck me in every night.
5. Because you make great lasagna.
6. Because you curl your hair when it doesn’t need curled.
7. Because you put up with my temper
8. Because you love flowers so much.
9. Because you drive me places often.
10. Because you drive my friends places often.
11. Because you’re not perfect.
12. Because you are my mom.
13. Because you understand I’m not perfect.
14. Because you wake me up every morning (almost).
15. Because you take care of me when I’m sick.
16. Because you came to see the plays I did tech on.
17. Because you try to raise me as a good Catholic.
18. Because you took me to that commercial acting seminar.
19. Because you adopted me.
20. Because you take me to those touring Broadway shows.
21. Because you paid my tuition to private school.
22. Because you took me to IMTA.
23. Because you always tell me to clean out my ears.
24. Because you understand when I forget stuff.
25. Because you let me stay up late.
26. Because you listen to me when I cry.
27. Because you understand me when I make mistakes (written on a note with a scribble on it—clearly a mistake)
28. Because you don’t expect me to be perfect.
29. Because you let me stay extra-long in Memphis.
30. Because you are an inside crier.
31. Because you read to me when I was a kid.
32. Because you always put my school stuff in an envelope.
33. Because you don’t care if my clothes clash.
34. Because you’re a great movie critic.
35. Because of all those little things.
36. Because you trust me.
37. Because you think I’m a good writer.
38. Because you don’t make me shop at the GAP.
39. Because you take care of my bird.
40. Because you are a pack rat.
41. Because you are emotionally strong.
42. Because you come to see the plays I am in.
43. Because you came to my dance recitals.
44. Because you took me to my dance competitions.
45. Because you come to all of my piano recitals.
46. Because you think I’m a good actress.
47. Because you let me see a lot of rated-R movies.
48. Because you understand me.
49. Because you cancelled your trip this weekend (no recollection what this trip was)
50. Because you are so darn-tootin’ nice.
51. Because you let me listen to my radio station sometimes.
52. Because you give me good advice.
53. Because you are up front with me.
54. Because you like Elvis so much.
55. Because you are left-handed.
56. Because you let me have my own phone lin.
57. Because you have funny handwriting (she did).
58. Because you make fun of my handwriting (she did).
59. Because you are like a best friend to me.
60. Because you survived Debbie (who was a rebellious teen).
61. Because you would be a great detective.
62. Because you don’t have a country accent even though you lived in the country.
63. Because you flew me back for Picnic with the Pops (long story).
64. Because you understand that I get homesick.
65. Because you dislike Mandeep (my sister’s best friend) as much as I do.
66. Because you’re always there for me.
67. Because you don’t care if I get you a gift for a special occasion or not.
68. Because you are the best mom on Earth.
69. Because you have cool vintage stuff.
70. Because you always forgive me.
71. Because you have a great sense of smell.
72. Because you have great hearing.
73. Because you don’t keep secrets from me.
74. Because you are so smart.
75. Because you aren’t the greatest speller.
76. Because you don’t mind my bad habits.
77. Because you make me feel loved.
78. Because you make fun of me when I say “like.”
79. Because you shop with me.
80. Because you are a mom and a dad and a friend to me.
81. Because you got me a subscription to Entertainment Weekly.
82. Because you’re a good person to discuss movies with.
83. Because you take me out to eat.
84. Because you help me work on my lines.
85. Because you are a night owl like me.
86. Because you play Scrabble with me.
87. Because you let me go to friends’ houses.
88. Because you let friends come to my house.
89. Because you can make me smile when I’m sad.
90. Because you always tell me to floss.
91. Because you come to my speech team meets.
92. Because you don’t blab the secrets I tell you.
93. Because you don’t care that I’m weird.
94. Because you gave me that heart on my Reconciliation.
95. Because you love Debbie (my sister).
96. Because you still love Daddy.
97. Because you listen to me tell you about my dreams.
98. Because you tell me about your dreams.
99. Because you always hug me at night.
100. Because you always look for the cheese that’s not $1.49.
101. Because you let me cook lasagna with you.


3 thoughts on “102 Reasons to Celebrate This Mother’s Day

  1. You chose the perfect photo for this list. I thoroughly enjoyed reading these. How did Dolores become such a good movie critic, I wonder.


  2. You were 10ish the one time we met, it was shortly after your Dad passed. We came by to give our condolences on the way from your uncle Jim’s to Evansville.
    It was pretty obvious that you and your Mom provided so lice to one another during a stressful time in your lives. You we’re doing fine.
    I wish we. Had had more ime to get to know you both, and Debbie as well.
    Your snippets help us in that especially. Thank you.


    1. I don’t remember this, but it is so kind of you to reach out and say something. Debbie, her two sons, and I are doing our best, but both our mom and our dad were incredible people that we miss every day. All we try to do is live lives our parents can be proud of. Thank you for the comment.


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