Learn More About Jessica

I have a lot of interests, but most of them are related to pop culture. While I mostly write about that, don’t be surprised to hear stories from my own life, the occasional rant about poker, and the occasional venture into the world of sports. Also, I like pie.

I am a freelance content producer who can do everything from writing to editing to working in front of and behind the camera. I am always thrilled to take on new projects and am currently seeking clients in all areas of content and social media management.

If you are looking for some of my professional work, here are some helpful links:

My BLUFF Media Archive

The Jess & BJ Archive

Unfortunately, World Series of Poker doesn’t have contributor pages, but if you want help hunting down any of my old pieces, such as the Chip Chats series, the Ten Things series, or any of my winner stories, you can email me at jesswelman@gmail.com and I can help point you in the right directior or just Google my name and the series you are looking for along with “WSOP” and you should find it.



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