The Purple Straw That Saved the Camel’s Back

I can only hope other people occasionally have those weeks where you feel like even the smallest, simplest task feels like it is ten times more difficult than it needs to be. I have these weeks roughly four times a year. It is a seasonal thing, I guess. Summer is ending, so let’s see how you deal with apartment issues, bank issues, life issues, work issues, and a prescription snafu that will make your head spin.

Throw in the fact I am currently on a rather long cross country airplane ride alongside the most openly affectionate couple I have ever seen, and you can probably understand why I was in one of those moods where even the slightest provocation was probably going to lead to one of those mental breakdowns that get people in trouble with the FAA.

There are few places better designed for you to fester in your own negative thoughts than an airplane, so I splurged for wifi in an attempt to take my mind off things. While surfing the web did not exactly turn my mood around, an email from Klout did get me hopeful.

I have been a Klout fan for a while, as it is the closest I have seen to an organization that accurately assesses the worth of someone’s social networking presence. It isn’t perfect, but nothing ever will be when it comes to social media.

The Klout algorithm is great, but what is even better is that the site comes with presents. Klout perks are like my adult version of Christmas. I geek out over the smallest things, like a $5 gift card to McDonalds or a small order of business cards. Problem is, the more popular the site becomes, the faster these perks get snapped right up.

Today’s perk seemed too good to be true, that I thought for sure it would be gone by the time I opened a new window to log in and check it out. I had mentally prepared for another disappointment to add to this already frustrating day.

The perk was $25 in coffee from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Most of you familiar with me know I have a rather pathetic chemical reliance on caffeine. My reputation as coffee addict is so profound, I hear about the proximity of Starbucks of locations I am visiting days before I arrive. Thing is, while Starbucks is great, my first coffee love has and always will be Coffee Bean. When I was working a somewhat hellish Hollywod job, I would trek to the Bean and seek solace in a caramel blended. When I moved back East, I lamented leaving Coffee Bean behind.

Now that I am in Vegas, I am back in Bean territory, but now that I have learned the caloric impact of these frozen blended coffee treats, I try to drink them sparingly. My Caramel Blended days, much like my Klout Perks, are rare treats I don’t indulge in often, but when I do, I suck every last morsel of sugary coffee goodness through that signature purple straw, relishing every drop.

I know this sounds like sad advertorial, but I had to jot a few notes of thanks down that this Klout perk was indeed not a joke. I have picked out two delicious bags of ground coffee that should be getting to me shortly after I return home from my trip. And it may be marketing and big business and a ploy to get me to buy more, but I don’t care.

Today I desperately needed something, anything to come through and go my way. And The Coffee Bean was there, almost as if on cue. So, the least I can do is just write a quick note and acknowledge that I am grateful. This post isn’t just for the Bean. It is for me too–a reminder that good things do happen and you need to appreciate them. If you are going to let the small stuff get you down, you better let the small stuff perk you back up again too.


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