Geography Police Strike Again, Justified

In Season 1 Episode 11 of Justified, Raylan Givens, who lives in Lexington finds Ava in a bar in Corbin, Kentucky. He asks her what she is doing in Harlan and she points out they are actually in Corbin.

If you’re not from Kentucky, this sounds fine. If you are from Kentucky, you know that being from Lexington, being in Harlan, and finding someone in Corbin is about like hailing from Los Angeles, travelling to San Diego, and searching for a friend only to find them in Temecula. Or at Disneyland. An example for my fellow Nevadans-it would be like being from Las Vegas, going to LA, and finding who you are looking for in Victorville.

Corbin is 65 miles from Harlan. The two are nowhere near each other.  This is not some difficult to discover piece of information. It is called Google Maps, Justified, you should check it out.

Also, this is much more minor, but technically Harlan is not a dry county.  Like many counties in Kentucky, it is classified as moist. Yes, moist. What the hell is a moist county, you ask? It is one that doesn’t sell liquor in stores, but does sell it in restaurants with more than 100 seats in it. So, if I had to guess, Ava would probably drive 20 miles to the Applebees in nearby Cumberland to get her drank on, or head across state lines to Virginia or Kingsport, Tennessee, a town just as far away as Corbin, but much larger than the 21,000 people Corbin has to offer.

This part right here? This is just me offering color. I don’t expect Executive Producer Graham Yost to know people in Eastern Kentucky tend to (from my understanding) go to Tennessee and Virginia for things a fair amount of the time.  I don’t expect him to realize people flying to Harlan would fly into Tri-Cities in Tennessee, not Lexington.  I realize at this level I am nitpicking a show that has many, many good things going for it.

But I would expect him to question the geographic possibility that someone would choose to go to a bar 65 miles from the town she is from and 88 miles from the town she currently lives in for no particular reason whatsoever.



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