Ruh Roh

I have always been a loud critic of the notion that violent media is corrupting our youth. It struck me as nonsensical, like saying Jodie Foster is a bad influence because some unstable man became obsessed with her and shot the President.

This believe was unwavering for over a decade. I wrote an original oratory on violence and censorship and competed with it in high school speech. Every school shooting, I would roll my eyes and expect the blame the media defense to get traipsed out unfairly.

Then my ten-year-old nephew, who plays entirely too many seemingly violent video games for my taste, offered me his review of “The Adventures of Tintin” after we watched it over my holiday vacation:

“That movie was boring. Tintin didn’t even shoot anybody. Every time a bad guy came near him, even though he had a gun, he ran away.”

And, for the first time, I began to doubt that I was entirely right about the subject.


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