Cover Me: Blind Melon Does Schoolhouse Rock

Providing more evidence that I am Generation Xer in a Millenial disguise, one of the first albums I became genuinely obsessed with was Schoolhouse Rock Rocks!, a series of Schoolhouse Rock covers by rock bands.  Better Than Ezra handled “Conjunction Junction”, Moby took “Verb: That’s What Happening” and made it his own.  My favorite Skee-Lo song is still his “Mr. Morton”, and my personal favorite of the covers is probably Pavement’s take on “No More Kings.”

I elected to showcase Blind Melon and their “Three Is a Magic Number” though because 1. It is kitschy and catchy all at the same time and 2. I really would guess more of you know Blind Melon over Pavement as well as “Three” over the American History ode to democracy.  The whole album is freaking awesome though, so enjoy this and I advise checking out more:


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