I Tweeted about how my Nevada caucus experience was a little lackluster.  Then I saw this video of my friend Dan O’Brien and others at the evening caucus at the Sheldon Adelson center.  This is how I envisioned the process going.  Instead, I felt like I was in 12 Angry Men.  There was a Henry Fonda type trying to generate more conversation and I was the old man trying to buy him more time.  In the end, we failed thanks to the apathy and made up minds of our precinct though.

People asked me if I thought the caucus was better than a primary.  While mine didn’t go as planned and Dan’s experience seems to be relatively anomalous, I do think it was worthwhile and something I hope to participate in again in the future.  The 45 minutes I waited in line to register, I heard people having meaningful conversations about the candidates, something I hadn’t seen occur anywhere else.  It created a forum where speaking your mine was encouraged and, while it certainly had some flaws, it was worth it to participate.


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