A Bold…Er…Bored Experiment

I have spent a good part of the past two weeks trying to figure out what to write about in this here tumblr on a more regular basis.  I suppose it could be poker content, but with the gigantic chunk of it I write for my jobs, that doesn’t sound appealing, barring the occasional editorial.

Lately, my interests in pop culture have been reinvigorated.  I used to live, breath, and sleep the entertainment industry, but a dearth of quality movies in the past five years, not to mention a disillusioning stint within the industry itself, left me more interested in poker than pop culture.

It is strange that in a year where the Oscar nominees are so maligned, I am suddenly taking new interest in the movies again.  Well, it probably isn’t that strange.  My taste has always been old-fashioned.  I would much rather watch a movie from 1944 than 2004.  My general explanation for this is simple: I believe film and television, while visual, are primarily narrative-based mediums, so I privilege story above all us.  I want a story I can invest in, characters I care about (be it with fondness or scorn), and a plot that goes somewhere.

So, I prefer Billy Wilder to someone lauded in this day and age, like Christopher Nolan.  To me, Nolan is too obsessed with style.  I find his movies to be difficult to emotionally invest in, I find the characters distant at best, and while the film may look neat, it generally just doesn’t do it for me.

However, with the recent spat of “nostalgic” films like “The Artist” and “War Horse’ that both have compelling stories with characters I care about to boot, I am right back in it again.  But the question remains: what the hell do I write about?

Before I commit to some sort of gimmick or snarky recaps, I think I might be well-served to look at my cultural consumption up close.  I am a voracious watcher and reader.  I never do work without the television on or a movie playing.  Thankfully, I’ve been blessed with the ability to multi-task, so I still have a job despite watching more hours of content in a week than people spend at a full time job.

Just how much you ask?  Well, that is what this little experiment is going to show you.  I got the idea from my cousin, Leah, whose popular blog about veganism and dieting includes a Tasty Tuesday entry, where she logs exactly what she is eating.  I thought to myself: if it works to food, why can’t it work for content?

I am home a week, so I am going to log what I watch and read every day for the next seven days, along with some comments on the shows themselves.  You may wonder if I ever leave the couch.  You may wonder how someone with such dubious taste graduated from USC film school.  You may wonder what any of us will gain from such a thing.  These are all fine.  Just hope you are entertained in the process…


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